Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Beauty Product Mini Haul

Hey Everyone! 

Last week I went on a mini beauty haul at boots and got some beauty goodies! I did want three other products along with the ones I got but they were out of stock which is really annoying, as they were the reason I went to boots in the first place.

Besides not being able to pick up the L'oreal Paris Pure Clay Glow Mask, the NYX colour correct palette or the Maybelline Contour Stick I was still able to pick up a few products I've been wanting. The first two things I picked up where the other two Pure Clay masks by L'oreal Paris, the detox and purifying mask. As soon as I seen these products were coming out I had to purchase and they were on sale or a first time sale price of £5 which you really can't complain about. I will be trying these products in the next week so I will have a blog for you about my impression on them. 

The next thing I brought was the NYX liquid illuminator in Sunbeam and I swatched this in boots the last time I was there and I knew I would be back to purchase it within the next couple of weeks. This product is going to change my highlighting game forever I believe.

I then got the Sleek Cosmetics Contour Kit in the lightest shade. I actually didn't know I was going to get this but I'm glad I did I think I'm going to really enjoy this product. The shades in the palette are very nice and there is a nice cool tone contour shade in there which I can't wait to play around with. 

Last but not least I brought the Maybelline master sculpt and the reason I brought this was because the bronzer shade looked like it would match the colour in the Sleek contour kit. The highlighter also looked very nice in the pack. I never realised it had a brush and a mirror in the bottom half, that was a very nice surprise!

Have you tried any of these products? 

Dee xx

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Everyday Full Face Make Up Pictorial

Hey Everyone! 

I have finally decided to do a step by step full face How to make up look for you, I decided to do a natural look that you could where everyday. If you would like to know how I achieved the look keep reading.

The Make Up I used are as follows;
Nivea Exfoliating Scrub (Boots £3.99)
Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion (ASDA £2.00)
Simple Soothing Toner (ASDA £2.00)
Simple Moisturiser (ASDA £2.00)
Bare Minerals Purely Nourishing Moisturiser (I got mine from Selfridges as a starter pack with the eye cream. I don't think you can purchase it anymore I have tried to find it but have been unable to)

Bobbi Brown intensive serum Foundation in Porcelain (Bobbi Brown online £40.00)
Revlon Colourstay Concealer in 01 Fair (Boots £6.99)
NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder in Translucent (Boots £8.00)
Revolution Sculpt & Contour Kit in C01 Fair (Superdrug £3.50)
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 01 Fair (Boots £4.19)

Revolution Affirmation (Superdrug £8.00)
Revlon Ultimate All-in-one Mascara (Boots £9.99)
Rimmel Sexy Curves (Dried out.. I don't think you can purchase this mascara anymore as I can not find it anywhere online)
Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen (Boots  £6.00)

MUA Matte in Totally Nude (Superdrug £1.00)

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush (Boots Starter Set £21.99)
Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush (Boots Starter Set £21.99)
Seventeen Eye shadow Brush (Boots £1.99)
Naked 2 Palette Brush (Cannot purchase without the palette)
Real Techniques Setting Brush (Superdrug £7.99)
Real Techniques Sculpting Brush (Boots £9.99)
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (Superdrug £5.99)

Step 1. First I prepped my skin by wetting my face then exfoliating it and washing it off with warm water. Taking my purifying cleanser and rubbing it into my face then once it dried I took the toner and a flannel and squeezed some onto the flannel and began to wipe it all over my face. Next using the simple moisturiser I massaged it into my face. 

Step 2. I used my Bare minerals moisturiser to prime my face so I took a small amount onto my fingers and began to rub it in focusing on my problem areas (nose, forehead and under eyes). Taking my Revlon concealer I placed some on my imperfections that were showing around my chin and cheek. Foundation time I used my HOLY GRAIL Bobbi Brown to make my face look hydrated and perfect! I used my Real Techniques sponge to blend it all over my face evenly and always blend it down your neck. Then if any of my imperfections were still showing I placed a little more Revlon concealer to cover them. Next I took my Collections concealer to brighten my under eyes and blended it out with my sponge. After all of that we need to set that all so using the NYX HD powder to set all that concealer and foundation (I used my Real Techniques Setting Powder Brush).
(Yes this is from my previous post I deleted my picture of these steps! Sorry!)

Step 3. Taking the beautiful Revolution sculpt kit and using the bronzing shade to give my face a more defined shape and some colour, I placed it in the hollows of my face. Make sure you blend the contour/bronzer in to make it look as natural as possible (I used my Real Techniques Sculpt brush). Then taking the blusher in the kit and placing some just above the contour or in other words above the hollows of the face. Then popping some of the highlighter on the high points of the face. Unfortunately you can't really see the highlight in the pictures because my lighting system was crazy bright at the time. 
 (Bronzed up)
(Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter. Look more under the eyebrow you see it better)

Step 4. Time to do the eye shadow and I used my Revolution palette which I adore. I used the shade with 1 on there for my transition shade and used my Base shadow brush to blend it in my crease and a little on my lid. 
        Then taking the second shade (2) I used my Deluxe shadow brush to place the shade in the inner and outer corner of my eye and using circular movements to blend the colour in. Then taking the Seventeen eye shadow brush I carried on blending the shade in the corners and started to carry it into my crease to intensify the crease colour. Using my unused Naked 2 brush I went over the two colours making sure they blended well together and there were no harsh lines between the colours.
Once it was blended well I took the last shade (3) and placed it into the centre of my eyelid and overlapping a little bit over the darker shade on the inner and outer corners of the eye. This creates a halo eye look and its so wearable for everyday.
To finish the look off I used my Supercat eyeliner and winged it out and used my Revlon mascara and my dried Rimmel mascara to make sure my mascara never clumped. 

Step 5. To finish the look off I used my MUA lipstick and here is the finished look

I hope you enjoyed this Pictorial as much as I loved making it! 

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Dee xx


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Review and First Impressions on NYX HD Finishing Powder

Hey Everyone! 

When I went to the NYX counter the other week I didn't just pick up the liquid lipstick, I also got the HD Translucent Finishing Powder. I have to say I have been wanting this product for some time because I've had translucent loose powders before and it made me go more white than I am? This is why I want to try this brand. Now I am as pale as ever and I do not need a powder to make me look more white but I only hear good things about the product so I can't wait to try it. 

To begin with I put my Bobbi Brown foundation and my Revlon concealer on to hide all those little imperfections on my face, then I reached for my HD powder to set my foundation. I decided to use the baking technique for under my eyes so I put a little more under my eyes to set my concealer. Then using my large powder brush by Eco I tapped it in my powder and placed it around my face. I made sure I patted it everywhere to set my foundation and concealer. After that I wiped away my under eye bake and by my surprise it made me look very pale! I was disappointed, which I hate to say. Also my face did look pale but there wasn't a big difference around my face. I felt deceived by the lady at boots who could definitely see that I was pale enough. Using my smaller Eco brush I carried on dusting away the powder and it made it better but I still felt like I had just put white powder under my eye. 
(My first application of the HD Powder at 08:00)
However on the other hand the powder worked well with my foundation and it doesn't look cakey or make me feel like I've put a whole other layer or make up on. My foundation is a little darker than my actual skin tone but it's really not noticeable but having the powder make me a little lighter it makes a perfect match (except under my eyes). I still got oily in my normal parts I get oily but it definitely wasn't as much as usual (my chin, upper lip and forehead). Taking this into account my face didn't look oily it still looked matte and fresh. 
(How the powder looked before I took it off at 20:00)

All in all I think this is great, yes it has a downfall but that's because I'm pale but these make up lines need to take us into account, am I right? I don't think I will bake with this product maybe I should buy the Ben Nye powder in banana maybe it would work better but I don't know? Unless I find another loose powder product I like I would purchase this one again. 

You can purchase this product at boots for £8.00 

Have you tried this powder? Have you tried the Ben Nye powder? 

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Dee xx

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Primers High End VS Drugstore

Hey Everyone!

In my blog today I will be speaking about a high end primer and a drugstore primer and how they match up to each other. The two primers are going to be; the Maybelline Baby Skin primer (drugstore) and the Smashbox Photo Finish (high end). A big difference between the two is the price range, the baby skin is £7.99 in boots and you get 22ml. However for 12ml of the photo finish (which is a travel size) its £12.50, you can purchase the larger bottle which has 30ml for £25.50. As you can already see there is a large difference, but is the smashbox worth the money?

Firstly I will speak about the Maybelline Baby Skin and this primer is supposed to erase your pores, give you smooth skin and should feel lightweight when on the skin. I agree with all of these I have to say when I put it on it did minimize the look of my pores, my skin felt smooth and it didn't feel like I was wearing a primer. With all this said it still has a thick consistency so I would only use a small amount when applying to the skin. It also feels very greasy at first until it sinks into the skin but it does not happen right away, you have to give it time to set before applying any make up on top. Once I applied my make up I still didn't feel satisfied with the way my make up looked I have problematic skin and this didn't help those areas. I have combination skin and this product didn't seem like it sunk into my skin well enough.

Now lets talk about the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer which is supposed to create a perfect under layer for make up, it helps relieve fine lines and pores, be lightweight and give a silky finish. I agree with the majority of the above it is very lightweight there is a big difference in this primer and the baby skin when it comes to thickness, this primer is a thinner consistency. It does give you a silky finish and reduces pores. However I do have to argue the point that it doesn't really cover fine lines for example I still see my smile lines by my eyes with this primer and I would class them as fine lines. Other than that it is a very nice primer. This like the above feels greasy until set into the skin but this product doesn't take as long as the baby skin. 

I think the baby skin is a dupe for the photo finish as there is little difference between them, other than the setting time and the consistency they are the same product. If you are on a budget I would go for the Baby Skin primer over the Smashbox. If you have oily skin I don't think the Baby skin would suit your skin type personally so in that case I would opt for the Smashbox even if its a little more expensive.
(Swatches of both primers)

Have you tried any of these primers?

Dee xx

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick First Impressions

Hey Everyone! 

Firstly can I just express my happiness that now I can walk to boots and have access to the NYX cosmetics! It's amazing that boots has a stand if you live in Birmingham the two boots I know that have the counters are; boots at the fort and the large boots in town. The counter, can I just say looks so slick it's set out really nice (I would have taken a photo but the lady was a little weird when I was looking around) all the products are laid out in categories, for example all the lips products are together and the face products are on another part together ect. Everything is there for the taking and I plan to purchase a hell of a lot more products from these counters. 

However today's blog is going to be about the NYX Lingerie product in LIPLI03 Lace Detail, I was drawn to this colour when I just looked at the bottle then I swatched it on my hand and I was like yes I need this. It's a very pale peachy nude which is stunning on the lips. This is a very good nude colour for paler skin tones but within the whole lingerie collection there will be a nude in there for every skin tone. 

The liquid lipstick is very easy to apply I actually applied mine first with my Real Techniques Accent Brush to line my lips then went in with the actual brush it came with. The brush isn't my favourite style it's quite big compared to others I have. The bottle feels high end which I like, it feels expensive. Once I applied the product it felt sticky which wasn't nice I was so glad that when it dried it never felt that way. It took about 2-3 minutes to fully dry which is an ok drying time. The product did dry into the cracks of my lips but my lips have been suffering over the past few days and have been very dry so it could just be my lips (just something to be cautious of). My lips stayed on point while I ate crisps but I never had a chance to eat something large like dinner while wearing the product. 

 (Real Techniques Accent Brush)

Overall I really like the product it's a very nice lip product to have and I am impressed with it. However the downfall is that it is sticky when applied first and the brush is big so it's harder to line your lips. 

You can purchase this collection at boots for £6.50 

Have you tried this collection? 

Dee xx