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What Beauty Trend do I not follow?

Hey Everyone! 
If there is one beauty trend I do not follow it is doing my eyebrows! I have nothing against people who do them but for myself I have been blessed with thick and full eyebrows so I do not draw over them or fill them in. Sometimes they can look a little messy however I do not mind because they are completely natural. I love seeing eyebrows that look so natural when they are filled in, that is goals.
I will however try some eyebrow products in some posts to give you lovely readers reviews on eyebrow products, as you may love to do your eyebrows. Heck I may even love to do them when I see them done, but as far as me doing my eyebrows you will not find much on my blog about them. 
What’s your favourite eyebrow product? 
What shall be my first eyebrow product I use?

Dee xx
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Hey Everyone! 
Today I’m going to talk you through what I use to prep my face for a full face of make-up. There is only two products I currently use and the thing with me is when I find something that works I tend not to stray from it. Although I am all for trying new things I will probably always go back to my holy grail products, that have my face feeling lavely. 
First things first I wash my face with cold water and dab it dry. I have done this for a while and just feel it closes my pores and minimises any faults on my face. I then take my Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Palm this does not only smell amazing but it gives my face a fresh smooth layer. I can get very dry around my nose and under eye that can make my make-up look cakey, which as you can imagine is the worst. However when I started using this I noticed my foundation went on much smoother on my nose and left no flakes. 
The next product I use is the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Clear, now you will find in one of my firs…

Hot Pink Valentines Day Eye

Hey Everyone! 
Today I have a hot pink eyeshadow look for you. This look is more for the evening in my opinion when the lucky someone takes you out for that romantic night. 

To create this look I used my Kylie Cosmetics burgundy pallet (which is one of my favourites)  and the brilliant thing about this pallet is how pigmented the colours are. 
So first I too the shade Pennyand with a light hand tapped my brush into it and then started to place this shade into the crease. I also took this into the outer corner of my eye to cause a mild smokey eye. I then took Burgundy and again with a very light hand I placed this into the crease and the inner and outer corners of my eye. Make sure to blend the two shades together, it will look more natural. Then taking the smallest amount of Brick I placed this in the outer corner and blended it in using a very light hand and going in circular motions with my brush. Last but not least I used Dubai to place into the middle of my eyelid to bring the look t…

What I use for my skincare

Hey Everyone!
Today I want to share with you what products I use to help my keep my skin as clear as possible. Although these products do help I still get those face demons when it’s coming up to ladies time and sometimes throughout the month when I’ve been lazy and not taken my make up off properly or just not used my products.

My first product is the Simple Moisturising Facial Wash, I use this when I’m in the shower while washing my face. I love the simple product line because it just makes your skin feel nice and smooth and gives it a tight feeling that feels like a fake face lift. It is very gentle on the skin and I have combination skin so I am dry here and oily there so it can be annoying trying to find something that suits both my needs. This however is very kind to my skin and I will continue to use it because I love it.

The second product is Clean and Clear Exfoliating Wash, this is the second product I use on my face when I’m in the shower. This does wonders to my skin and …

Royal Jelly Christmas present Review

Hey Everyone!
I received this Royal Jelly Pure Honey Nectar pampering set for Christmas and it comes in such a lovely packaging. I actually thought it was a Yankee candle because of the jar it comes in, but it was a nice surprise as I love bath sets. 

Now down to what comes inside the jar we have the Body Wash Cleansing and Softening, it has a very sweet smell which is all you can expect from a honey based set. When I used it, it left my skin feeling soft and the smell stayed which is a big thumbs up from me. There’s nothing worse then using a body wash and when you are relaxing after the bath or shower the smell is non existent. 
We then have the Overnight Intensive Rejuvenating Hand Cream, this smells just as sweet as the body wash. The consistency is thinner than I expected for a rejuvenating hand cream but it does as the bottle says and helps soften your hands. Now I am currently suffering from contact dermatitis on my right ring finger and when I placed this product on it tingled a …

Fenty Beauty Review

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a fab new year, I know I did. Today’s blog is a review on the Fenty Beauty foundation by Rihanna, I have had this foundation since its came out but have had some time off from my blog as big changes happened in my life. However I am back at it and ready to share my favourite and not so favourite make up products with you all.
The first thing that I loved about this foundation was the range of shades they done, how incredible the range is. The second thing I loved was I was not the lightest shade… can we take a minute now at times the lightest shade is too dark for me. This foundation is like a second skin, it is very lightweight and looks very natural. I believe it to be medium coverage because if you have some face demons like me they still show through but I can build it and it builds very well. I don’t think I would say it builds to full coverage but close enough. Before using you have to shake the bottle I notic…

Beauty Product Mini Haul

Hey Everyone! 
Last week I went on a mini beauty haul at boots and got some beauty goodies! I did want three other products along with the ones I got but they were out of stock which is really annoying, as they were the reason I went to boots in the first place.
Besides not being able to pick up the L'oreal Paris Pure Clay Glow Mask, the NYX colour correct palette or the Maybelline Contour Stick I was still able to pick up a few products I've been wanting. The first two things I picked up where the other two Pure Clay masks by L'oreal Paris, the detox and purifying mask. As soon as I seen these products were coming out I had to purchase and they were on sale or a first time sale price of £5 which you really can't complain about. I will be trying these products in the next week so I will have a blog for you about my impression on them. 

The next thing I brought was the NYX liquid illuminator in Sunbeam and I swatched this in boots the last time I was there and I knew I wo…