Wednesday, 29 June 2016

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick First Impressions

Hey Everyone! 

Firstly can I just express my happiness that now I can walk to boots and have access to the NYX cosmetics! It's amazing that boots has a stand if you live in Birmingham the two boots I know that have the counters are; boots at the fort and the large boots in town. The counter, can I just say looks so slick it's set out really nice (I would have taken a photo but the lady was a little weird when I was looking around) all the products are laid out in categories, for example all the lips products are together and the face products are on another part together ect. Everything is there for the taking and I plan to purchase a hell of a lot more products from these counters. 

However today's blog is going to be about the NYX Lingerie product in LIPLI03 Lace Detail, I was drawn to this colour when I just looked at the bottle then I swatched it on my hand and I was like yes I need this. It's a very pale peachy nude which is stunning on the lips. This is a very good nude colour for paler skin tones but within the whole lingerie collection there will be a nude in there for every skin tone. 

The liquid lipstick is very easy to apply I actually applied mine first with my Real Techniques Accent Brush to line my lips then went in with the actual brush it came with. The brush isn't my favourite style it's quite big compared to others I have. The bottle feels high end which I like, it feels expensive. Once I applied the product it felt sticky which wasn't nice I was so glad that when it dried it never felt that way. It took about 2-3 minutes to fully dry which is an ok drying time. The product did dry into the cracks of my lips but my lips have been suffering over the past few days and have been very dry so it could just be my lips (just something to be cautious of). My lips stayed on point while I ate crisps but I never had a chance to eat something large like dinner while wearing the product. 

 (Real Techniques Accent Brush)

Overall I really like the product it's a very nice lip product to have and I am impressed with it. However the downfall is that it is sticky when applied first and the brush is big so it's harder to line your lips. 

You can purchase this collection at boots for £6.50 

Have you tried this collection? 

Dee xx

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