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Review and First Impressions on NYX HD Finishing Powder

Hey Everyone! 

When I went to the NYX counter the other week I didn't just pick up the liquid lipstick, I also got the HD Translucent Finishing Powder. I have to say I have been wanting this product for some time because I've had translucent loose powders before and it made me go more white than I am? This is why I want to try this brand. Now I am as pale as ever and I do not need a powder to make me look more white but I only hear good things about the product so I can't wait to try it. 

To begin with I put my Bobbi Brown foundation and my Revlon concealer on to hide all those little imperfections on my face, then I reached for my HD powder to set my foundation. I decided to use the baking technique for under my eyes so I put a little more under my eyes to set my concealer. Then using my large powder brush by Eco I tapped it in my powder and placed it around my face. I made sure I patted it everywhere to set my foundation and concealer. After that I wiped away my under eye bake and by my surprise it made me look very pale! I was disappointed, which I hate to say. Also my face did look pale but there wasn't a big difference around my face. I felt deceived by the lady at boots who could definitely see that I was pale enough. Using my smaller Eco brush I carried on dusting away the powder and it made it better but I still felt like I had just put white powder under my eye. 
(My first application of the HD Powder at 08:00)
However on the other hand the powder worked well with my foundation and it doesn't look cakey or make me feel like I've put a whole other layer or make up on. My foundation is a little darker than my actual skin tone but it's really not noticeable but having the powder make me a little lighter it makes a perfect match (except under my eyes). I still got oily in my normal parts I get oily but it definitely wasn't as much as usual (my chin, upper lip and forehead). Taking this into account my face didn't look oily it still looked matte and fresh. 
(How the powder looked before I took it off at 20:00)

All in all I think this is great, yes it has a downfall but that's because I'm pale but these make up lines need to take us into account, am I right? I don't think I will bake with this product maybe I should buy the Ben Nye powder in banana maybe it would work better but I don't know? Unless I find another loose powder product I like I would purchase this one again. 

You can purchase this product at boots for £8.00 

Have you tried this powder? Have you tried the Ben Nye powder? 

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Dee xx


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